Slow Motion With Bishop C. Bowser

The Racialize History of Policing In America

October 25, 2020

Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser

Shaphat Outreach Podcast 

Episode 13

My guest is Dr. Cid Martinez, Sociology Professor at USD

Expert in the field of urban poverty, policing in California, community policing programs, gun violence in California, gang intervention, violence reduction, trust building.

Topics of discussion 

  1. History of policing and how it connects with modern day policing.
  2. The difference between the North policing and South policing.
  3. When did police start using stop and frisk? And why? And on who?
  4. Where did the concept of criminal justice reform Come from?
  5. Can the police fix themselves and the power of police unions?
  6. What power do Citizen Review Boards really have?
  7. Does community oriented policing work?

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